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Low resolution videos of track formation in our cloud chambers can be downloaded from this page.

Segments include the following:

Alphas emitted by 2% natural Thorium alloy
Alpha.avi, 4 second runtime, 3.1 MB
Download Alpha.avi

Gamma rays from Cesium-137 yield Compton scattered electrons
Compton.avi, 5 second runtime, 2.6 MB
Download Compton.avi

Corona Discharge
Corona.avi, 5 second runtime, 2.3 MB
Download Corona.avi

Background radiation at ground level in Madison, WI
CosmicRayShower.avi, 10 second runtime, 6.2 MB
Download CosmicRayShower.avi
BackgroundRadiation.avi, 10 second runtime, 5.3 MB
Download BackgroundRadiation.avi

X-rays from Iron-55 produce photoelectrons in air
Photoelectrons.avi, 5 second runtime, 1.7 MB
Download Photoelectrons.avi