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Concepts of modern physics can be a challenge to describe with respect to the “real” world, since people do not actually live at the atomic and nuclear levels. For more predictable observations, we provide a variety of US NRC license exempt radioactive sources. These can be used to produce Compton scattered electrons, low energy beta particles, photoelectrons, and alpha particles. Also, our informative manual features background information about observations, and plots for more quantitative interpretation of what you and your students will see.

Other optional accessories include a liquid nitrogen cooling tray, dedicated light source, corona and projection field electrodes, and a rare earth magnet. The dedicated light source produces a fan beam of bright white light, and is more convenient than a slide projector for chamber side illumination. The corona electrode is designed to be inserted into the sensitive region through a source port; high voltage is applied through a standard SHV connector. Corona ions emitted by the electrode tip result in pulsating droplet clouds. The projection field electrode electrostatically forces ions from upper regions of the cloud chamber down into the sensitive layer, for enhanced sensitivity to background radiation events. Our rare earth magnet creates over 1000 Gauss; this is powerful enough to bend the trajectory of low energy beta particles, positrons, and low energy cosmic rays.

Software for virtual experiments is also available. The program will simulate a 1000 Gauss magnetic field over a 1000 cubic meter detection chamber exposed to 100 MeV particle energies.